Innovative Technology for the Hospitals of the Future

In partnership with EIR Healthcare, Admares’ Modular Hospitals, Patient Rooms and Laboratory solutions allow the majority of building work and systems integration to take place away from the main construction site, delivering modules for final installation. Pre-fabrication, outfitting and testing of our solutions take place in a modern purpose-built production facility ensuring consistent high quality, minimum material waste and reduced energy consumption. By greatly reducing onsite construction – and therefore minimizing disruption and closures – ADMARES’ solutions deliver immediate and measurable commercial benefits.

ADMARES utilizes highly specialized proprietary modular technology to build turnkey hospitals, patient rooms and Laboratory solutions designed to not only fit with local codes and technical requirements but to also improve the patient experience and care delivery.

From a total lifecycle approach, ADMARES and EIR Healthcare assists customers starting at the conceptual stage throughout the end of the facility lifecycle, including maintenance and monitoring service plans to healthcare facilities are running in the most efficient and optimal way all while driving better care delivery to patients.