World’s Largest Floating Villa

World’s Largest Floating Villa

Operating independently allows villa to be placed in remote locations

Turnkey delivery of custom designed and highest quality levels built floating villa. The ADMARES cutting-edge technical specification provides mobility and flexibility, allowing the villa to be moved to a remote natural location where it uses it’s own independent power, waste treatment facilities and green energy with minimum disturbance to the environment. The villa can also be moored permanently to a waterfront location where it functions like a conventional building with normal access via road and walkways and has regular connections to land-based power and utilities.

The villas most spacious and luxurious rooms are the 3 Owner’s Suites, which enjoy stunning sea views as well as expansive outdoor terraces with sun loungers and waterfront jacuzzis. Featuring wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceilings windows throughout, the modern architecture allows uninterrupted panoramic sea views – with the unique floating building featuring 6,000m2 of floor space over 3 floors, with a separate service basement and technical area.


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