ADMARES Group acquires ALMACO Construction to advance global development

ADMARES group announced today that it has completed the acquisition of the ALMACO Group Construction division, to support the company’s growth strategy and pioneering real estate construction projects around the world. 

The move will provide the company with a world-class design, engineering, construction and project management team, as well as operations in Finland and around the world. Now part of ADMARES, the construction division brings a wealth of resources and technical know how for the construction of modular buildings. 

The company has pioneered unique new concepts in the development of hotels, resorts and private residences, which greatly reduce the construction timeframe, and deliver a premium quality product with minimal environmental impact.

A key benefit of the acquisition, ADMARES is now able to deliver high-value products for the construction industry, including modular buildings for architect-designed villas, apartment and luxury hotels – as well as pre-assembled modular rooms for accommodation buildings, hotels and residential developments.

ADMARES is rapidly moving forward and since the acquisition the company has completed an innovative 10 000 m2 resort island development for the world-renowned Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. Complete with 1 440m2 of salt and fresh water pools, private cabanas, bars and restaurants, the 102m long pier development was constructed in Finland and outfitted in Dubai by ADMARES, after being transported 8 000 nautical miles by sea. 

Other hotel and real estate developments, recently completed by the company include Hilton Resorts World in Bimini, Hotel With in Stockholm and the College of Bahamas Dormitory. In each case the project was successfully completed using cutting-edge modular construction, resulting in greatly improved efficiencies and minimal environmental impact.

Mikael Hedberg, CEO of ADMARES, explains, “We are thrilled to have acquired ALMACO Construction. We now have the resources and structure in place to continue the next phase of our development. It will be hugely beneficial for our clients and partners – as well as securing our position as a visionary global company at the forefront of innovative real estate development.”

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Joni Rantasalo
Sales & Marketing Manager

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